Rodents and Birds

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Rodent Box

Habitats completely made of practical and safe plastic but also fun and dynamic.

Rodent Cages

For small rodents. Removable cages or cages with 8-pitch mesh (suitable for small mice): these are the best features of the MPS Hamster line.

Large Rodent Cages

Cages for larger rodents such as ferrets squirrels rats and chinchillas. Also completed with various “Nature” accessories to create pleasant and comfortable habitats.

Cages Rabbits and Guinea Pigs

Wide range of cages from 60 to 140 cm including the line with multiple levels: large volumes for large products.

Bird Cages

Colorful and comfortable bird cages to meet all the needs of a small but demanding market.

Our Catalogue

Different solutions for the animal world; discover the numerous products designed for the daily life of our little friends.

Our Latest News

Innovation and design, quality and functionality. Discover the new products in the range. Discover the new products in the range.

Our Videos

Like? Easy! Check out our videos for insights into uses and features.